Nicole Angiel

Ditching a water guzzling lawn and a gas guzzling car

Nicole Angiel, Director of Business Partnerships at Acterra and Menlo Park resident, says:“We replaced our thirsty front lawn with California native drought-tolerant plants and capped the sprinklers. No more watering! It was fun and cost us nothing thanks to the City of Menlo Park’s Lawn Be Gone and Conserve-A-Scape programs. We also got a really great deal on a 2016 Nissan Leaf lease, while taking advantage of state and federal rebates. Our family loves this car! We can go 124 miles on a charge and don’t even have to charge every day. It’s got plenty of room (for kids, carpooling, groceries, gear), it’s fun to drive, it’s affordable, and it feels so good to switch from fossil fuels to electric!”

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