Kristen and Kiran

Cool Commute to School

Kristen Kuntz-Duriseti, Menlo Park Environmental Quality Commissioner, says: “Kiran is now in 5th grade, and we have biked to school nearly every day since pre-school. Our round-trip ranges from 6-8 miles, and we love cruising past all the cars queued up at intersections and the dreaded car lanes at school! The morning commute wakes me up better than a cup of coffee, and Kiran starts school with a breath of fresh air. During the ride home, we catch up on the day’s events. The slower pace (but not necessarily more time!) allows us to decompress, connect with the changing seasons, and form friendships with “biking buddies,” crossing guards, and chattering squirrels. We are grateful to the considerate drivers who cheerfully wave us through intersections and give us room to feel safe.”

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