Healthier, smarter buildings that reduce climate pollution

Electrify Menlo Park is a collaborative public-private partnership between Menlo Spark, BlocPower, contractors, and JobTrain with a goal of decarbonizing 10,000 homes by 2030. The initiative combines affordability, green job creation, and equity measures to support the city of Menlo Park’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2030. Switching homes away from gas appliances to cleaner electric alternatives is a central component of Menlo Park’s Climate Action Plan, with fossil fuel consumption in buildings accounting for 41% of Menlo Park’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

What We Provide

The program demonstrates an efficient and practical method for assisting homeowners, at all income levels, in installing electric vehicle charging, heat pumps for heating, air conditioning and water heating, electric appliances, and solar panels. The program also includes weatherization and health and safety measures. 

Program benefits include:

  • Analysis of Home Upgrades
  • Purchasing and Installation of Appliances
  • Monetary Support through Rebates or Full Funding

Our Projects

These first two homes have been fully electrified paving the way to rapidly scale the program. By focusing efforts in the Belle Haven community, Electrify Menlo Park is ensuring the benefits of electrification are available to everyone in our community. Electrify Menlo Park has covered 100% of the cost for these homes and has funding to retrofit 200 more! We can do this right here in Menlo Park for healthier, more resilient communities and a climate-safe future for everyone.

Carlton Ave, Belle Haven

Hollyburne Ave, Belle Haven

Why Electrify?


Eliminate methane gas from homes, one of the largest sources of carbon pollution.

Health Impacts

Significantly improve indoor air quality and reduce the likelihood of asthma and other health problems.


Reduce utility bills by up to $800 per year.


Ensure the benefits of electrification are accessible to everyone.

Make the Switch!

Homeowners interested in learning more about retrofitting their homes should contact


Angela Evans


Electrify Menlo Park

This work was made possible with generous contributions from:

Hilary Bates, Nancy Larocca Hedley, John McKenna,
the Hewlett Foundation, the Sand Hill Foundation, and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

Technical support was provided by Tom Kabat, Sean Armstrong, and Emily Higbee.

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